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Battle Road 2002
The 2002 Battle Road event is to commemorate actions/skirmishes after the skirmish at Lexington Green. It took place at the Bloody Angle, Merriams Corner, and Hartwell's Tavern.

The 10th grenadiers lead the relief column as the light infantry are caught in a skirmish with the militia at Merriam's Corner.

The tenth music marches the relief column on to the field to help support the struggling light infantry advance.

The relief column awaits orders as to when they are to strike the congregated militia.

With orders given the relief column slams into the unguarded flank of the militia.

The music, dogged with injuries flees the sight of the skirmish in hopes of reassembling the mass of troops.

Regrouped and heading back to Boston hoping not to be flanked by any more rebel scum the column passes by Hartwell's Tavern.

With All hopes of a peaceful return to Boston shattered the Grenadiers tear into the rebel masses, but come up short of doing severe damage seeing that the guerilla-style tactics institute taking cover behind rocks and staying out of the line of fire. These Rebel  are true Savages.

Military protocol says that you should not engage or kill any opposing forces' music. However this marksman has decided to ignore courtesy and shed the blood of Our dear music.

His Majesty's Forces continue down the road back to Boston. Hoping that they have left All possible danger at the Tavern. They shall find that these  farmers (some armed with pitchforks) are ruthless and will not be stopped.

The column is ambushed on the road. Ruthless fighting continues. Musket balls fly at you from All sides. "Grenadiers to the right", "Grenadiers to the left", "Grenadiers hold" " stand your ground man".
The officer and men, in a state of confusion, fail to stop the blind melee from the colonists.

The savages leave over a hundred dead, like Pte. Parker here, as they continue their brutal and savage attacks on these "peacekeeping troops" Also many would turn missing. Feared tortured by these brutes for All the information they possessed.

Is there no end to the violence. Our dear officers are laid to rest. The men hoping to transport them safely back to Boston so these savages do not desecrate their kills.

The men are tired, they hope to return to the safe haven of Boston, but they still have nearly 15 miles of forced hell to travel before they may rest easy.