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Crown Point
     Crown Point was what is called a "Brigade Event" The Brigade Events are usually on a large scale. Upwards of a thousand people. The Brigade Events usually include units from British Brigade which is the umbrella organization of many British units and the Continental line which is an umbrella organization of Colonial American units. Crown Point was a reenactment of the British forces under "Gentleman Johnny", General John Burgoyne, capturing the fort at Crown Point in the first major action of Burgoyne's campaign. Crown Point is eight miles to the north of the more known Fort Ticonderoga. British Forces commanded by Kenneth Siegal, and American Forces under Brad Chetwynd. This page is a random assortment of the grounds and British forces, If you have any pictures of the tenth please send them to The Web master . Crown Point Reenactment was held on the weekend of June 21-23. The weekend had terrible downpours on Saturday, yet on Sunday was a scorching upper 90s. The British were victorious both on Saturday and Sunday's battles and was successful in the Sunday morning tactical. The English forces repelled, outflanked, and bayonetted the Colonial Forces into Submission on Saturday. And successfully stormed and destroyed the outer redoubt of Crown Point with flankers, skirmishers, and native American forces consisting of the County Brigade and the Loyalist Brigade. Meanwhile The Union Brigade stormed the main body of Colonial Forces at the fort and made the Colonials flee in terror to have their retreat cut off by the British County and Loyalist brigades advancing from their newly won redoubt. Some fledgling companies of militia escaped down Th. eroad to Ticonderoga, but many a colonist met their graves on the embankments of the fort and slain by the bayonet at the redoubt and barracks.

The Battlegrounds

These are the ruins of the fort at Crown Point which saw major action during the Seven Years War and some minor action during the Burgoyne Campaign of 1777. The large embankments covered in grass are the remains of the redoubt walls surrounding the fort.

Lake Champlaign on a bleak day. Perhaps the rebels should have taken this as a bleak warning and not fight their majesty's forces.

A view from the top of the redoubt. You can see the advancing British Light Infantry come upon the fleeing colonists. It is amazing to consider the fact that the British miraculously took the field considering the fact that they had to attack through chest high grass, ditches, embankments and rock chasms and formations.

The British Camp and Sutler Row.

The tentage closest to you are wall tents. They were used to house officer of lower stature. To the left of these wall tents are wedge tents. These are the wedges of the Loyalist Brigade i.e. Colonist loyal to the King. Wedges were used for the common soldier where six to a tent as common. Two Sergeants to a tent or one lieutenant.  In the distance the large and many rows of wedge tents are of the County and Union brigades.

This displays the British camps commissary where the food was prepared at this event. These are dining flys and supply tents.

This is the Crown Point Bakery. It is housed with tth sutlers and sold baked good to the soldiers who ahd enough money to spend. Excellent food was served there.

This is the Sutlers row. It sold wares for the soldiers needs.

British Forces

The County Brigade listens on as Drummer Gelinas of the Tenth Regiment of Foot and Major Grenia of the 64th instruct the troops on battle commands by the drum.

Drummer Gelinas beats the Point of War which instructs the troops that they are to charge with bayonets and cause the American forces to flee in terror.

Drummer Gelinas salutes Major Grenia as he is dismissed from his duty of instruction.

The officers discuss their battle tactics based on intelligence received from their spy network.