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Battle of Newtown
The Battle of Newtown reenactment took place on the Weekend of August 28th, 2002 in Elmira, NY.  It commemorated the 224th anniversary of General John Sullivan's Campaign again the Iroquois nations in New York. There were three tactical demonstrations on Saturday and one major Public battle on Sunday where the Tenth regiment charged gallantly into a hail of musket balls where Private Westerberg died heroically. More than half the forces were able to storm over the earthworks and club and bayonet many a colonist, but in an odd, UNBELIEVABLE twist of events, Colonist took the Grenadier company and much of the Battalion prisoner. The prisoners were left unguarded and were able to stalk away into the forest, able to fight again. Battle commendations should go to Sgt. Condrick of H.M. 1st Foot Guards for spiking a mortar and Major O'Shaugnessy for gallantly leading the Light Infantry attack despite a battle with gout. Unfortunately the "overwhelming" Colonial forces defeated the British soldiers and their Native allies. However, despite the valiant fighting by the tenth three lowly dogs were sent on reconnaissance by L/Sgt. Clarke to report on the size of Native forces in the lower camp. They were forced to miss Assembly when they were caught in a fire fight where they valiantly saved the Major's life. They flanked the rebel forces with the help of the Light Infantry and Butler's Rangers with the final blow coming from the Battalion company. However the Tenth's officers decided it was necessary for the three to be kept under armed guard and lead back to camp for trial. That was the plan, until the three prisoners decided to desert in three different directions. One was captured immediately, One was shot in the leg and forced back to camp, and the final one was caught by a Native War Party while trying to shed himself of equipment such as the cartridge box and bayonet. The three injured and beaten deserters were lead back to camp at Bayonet point. Back at camp, a trial was held The defense attorney was by L/Corporal David Kinghorn (weak in oratory ability) and Sgt/ Major Desmond. The judge found (oddly enough L/Sgt. Clarke who sent the detachment on the reconnaissance mission in the first place) the three guilty of desertion as was the final act of running away an admission of guilt. Finally one private was charged for the King's Equipment he strewn about as he ran. Each would receive 100 lashes for this crime.

Officer Commanding:
Major Paul O'Shaugnessy

Light Infantry Company                                                                    Battalion Company                                                    Grenadier Company               

Captain Lincoln Clark III                                                       Sergeant-Major William Desmond                                    Lance Sergeant Shane Clarke
Corporal Reilly                                                                      Lance Corporal Ronald Harbour                                        Lance Corporal David Kinghorn
Private Robert Falotico                                                        Private Shawn Morrill                                                          Private Sam McIntire                                                              
Private Werling                                                                     Private Eric Westerberg                                                     Sgt. Peter Condrick
Recruit Keith Bassilinno                                                      Private J. Yeske (Hardtack supplier)

Fifer Kelly Leet
Fifer Alison Falotico
Drummer Matthew Gelinas
Drummer Timothy Sullivan

Lance Corporal Ronald Harbour and Private J. Yeske relax before returning to their posts.

Captain Lincoln Clark III sips cooly from his rose petal water contemplating his plan of attack against the rebel village.

Our gallant Major stands with a slight gimp in his leg. Personally I like the hat.

The guilty party.