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Related Links
His Majesty's Tenth Regiment of Foot His Majesty's Tenth Regiment of Foot, British reenactment group from Lexington Massachusetts.

The Boston Garrison: The Boston Garrison is an unofficial organization of three major re-created British Regiment in The Bay State. The organization consists of  The First Foot Guards, His Majesty's Fifth Regiment of Foot, and His Majesty's Tenth Regiment of Foot. They are named the Boston Garrison because the bulk of the events these regiments partake in are in the Boston area, two of the regiments were stationed in Boston (10th/ 5th), and the regiments are based in and around Boston.

1st Foot Guards The 1st Foot Guards are now known as the Grenadier Guards (the soldiers guarding Buckingham Palace) Their uniform is a scarlet coat faced in Blue. They portray a later period of the American Revolution when the British military revised the uniform from the lavish uniforms with expensive metals, to a uniform suitable for American campaigning in the woods. Commanding Officer of Boston wing: Winston Stone.

His Majesty's Fifth Regiment of Foot His Majesty's 5th Regiment of Foot is now referred to as the Northumberland Fusiliers. Their uniform is of early war styling, much like the tenth's uniform. The coats are scarlet and faced with Gosling Green. A color similar to this shade:                                       Commanding Officer: Colin Rixon

His Majesty's Tenth Regiment of Foot His Majesty's 10th Regiment of Foot is then referred to as 'The Springers', but now modernly referred to as the Linconshire Poachers for the county in England they are from. There coats are of scarlet and faced in yellow. Their uniform is of early war origins. Commanding Officer: Paul O'Shaugnessy.

Other Crown Force Regiments: These regiments are some of the organizations the Tenth Regiment of Foot is associated with.

English Forces

The British Brigade The British Brigade is an umbrella organization of most of the British reenactment groups throughout the country. They come together two or three times a year at large reenactment. A few thousand may attend these events. Good links to other British reenactment groups.

7th Regiment of Foot (Royal Fusiliers) 1775 Portrays the garrison of Quebec, 1775-1776. Coats are scarlet with blue facings.

The Royal Welch Fusiliers The Royal Welch Fusiliers (23rd foot)  is composed of four branches: Grenadiers, Light Infantry, fusiliers, and an organization in California. Each branch comes from a different part of the country. Some are from Virginia others are from Pennsylvania. The Royal Welch coat is scarlet faced in blue.

His Majesty's 40th Regiment of Foot A Light infantry Company that portrays a Germantown/ Late War style regiment. They are kitted in Scarlet and white uniform. Under command of Robert Najecki.

The 77th and 42 Royal Highland Regiment  The 77th and 42nd Royal Highland Regiment portrays the Highland Regiments of the 77th during the Seven Years War and also the 42nd Royal Highland Regiment during the American Revolution. They are a Scottish, kilted unit.

His Majesty's 55th Regiment of Foot His Majesty's 55th Regiment of Foot under Captain Trevor is a member of the Northwest Territory Alliance. They portray a battalion company in the American Revolution. Their uniforms are scarlet faced in green.

His Majesty's 64th Regiment of Foot His Majesty's 64th Regiment consists of four companies, two battalion companies, a light infantry company, and a grenadier company. Their uniforms are Scarlet with black facings. This web site is amazingly detailed, I would recommend that anyone interested in learning more about the British soldier's impression to take a look at this site. Under command of Major Grenia.

2nd Battalion Marines The Marines would have been attached to the service of His Majesty's Ships in The American Revolution. Their most famous officer was Major Pitcairn who died during the second charge at the Battle of Breed Hill, also known as Bunker's Hill.

Loyal Americans (Provincials):

Butler's Rangers  Butler's Rangers is a unit dedicated to the portraying Loyalist, those loyal and who fight for the king, also known as Provincial Soldiers. They were considered most despised of All people living in America in the eyes of the rebels, because it turned the American Revolution into not just a war of independence, but a Civil War. The highest concentration of Loyalist sympathizers were in the south. Butler's Rangers were known for heavy action in the Western campaigns and areas like Saratoga, Oriskany, and  Newtown New York.

The Queen's Rangers The Queen's Rangers are a regiment of Loyalists who portray Light Infantry, Dismounted Dragoons, and Sharpshooters. Their uniform consists of a Green Short Jacket, mitre caps with a crescent moon or in some cases a bearskin crested dragoon helmet.

DeLancey's Brigade Loyalist Regiment based on Colonel DeLancey's second company.

The King's Royal Yorkers The King's Royal Yorkers is dedicated to the portrayal of crown force loyalist in Canada. The people they portray are the first of those loyal to the king to flee revolting America and take up arms for the King. They are the largest member of Canadian Applied Military History Museum

Native American- Indians Forces:

Onaquaga War Party  The Onaquaga War Party is a Native American Portrayal of the French and Indian War period and also the War for American Independence.

The Woodland Confederacy The Woodland Confederacy is a Native American Reenactment group based out of New York portraying the French and Indian War and also the War for American Independence.

German Forces:

Infanterie Regiment von Donop A reenactment unit portraying the Infanterie Regiment von Donop from Hesse-Kessel (Hessian; German mercenaries) Their uniforms are royal blue with buff facings and most notably a brass mitre cap adorning the head.

Ancient Fife and Drum Corps.

Middlesex County Volunteers The Middlesex County Volunteers is an Ancient-style fife and drum Corp based out of Medford, Massachusetts. They are a critically acclaimed fife and drum Corp that has released five CD publications (Massachusetts, The Banks of Allan Water, Guardian Angels, Military Music from the Age of Reason, and Lafayette's Ghost) They play upwards of forty or more performances a year and are considered to be one of the best fife and drum corps in America and possibly the world. Under the direction of Director Jim MacCounibh, Fife Sgt. Sarah MacCounibh, and Drum Sgt. Michael Godin.

1st Michigan Colonial Fifes and Drums The 1st Michigan Colonial Fifes and Drums is located in Michigan. They portray a style of riflemen under the command of Daniel Morgan. Nowadays, they are one of the premiere fife and drum corps in America. They have released several recordings and continue to tour constantly. 1st Michigan is under the command of Drum Major Mark Logsdon.

The Ancient Mariners Rough comes to mind when you think of The Ancient Mariners. They are a fife and drum corp. out of Connecticut. They portray rowdy, often drunk sailors. Despite being tipsy a good deal of the time they are a strong group and capable of playing extraordinary music.

Middlesex County 4-H Fifes and Drums MC4-HF&D is currently in their 30th anniversary season. The corp. was formed in anticipation of the upcoming bicentennial of the birth of America. MC4-HF&D prides themselves in being the only junior fife and drum corp. in the state of Massachusetts. The Corp allows the membership age to be anywhere from the age of nine years to the age of nineteen. It is a good Corp for a child's future in fifing and drumming. Under the direction of Drum Major Timothy Sullivan and CO-directors Nelia Newell and Ruth Hodges-LeClair.

Dealers of 18th Century Military and Civilian goods.

Cooperman fife and drum company Cooperman Fife and Drum company specializes in customized rope-tension drums for both personal use and fife and drum corps. They also make quality fifes and hand drums.

Jas. and Townsend Suppliers of civilian clothing, books, and accouterments for the beginning reenactors. They also supply 18th century games, and camp goods such as lanterns and blankets. Necessary items can be found here.

G. Gedney Godwin Suppliers of high quality reenacting goods. They sell clothing, but mainly specialize in the sale of military goods such as leather accouterments (belting, cartridge boxes), muskets and musket accessories (bayonet, and musket tools.) and edged weapons such as bayonets, swords, and other such brass items. Also sell things such as lanterns, blankets, and chests for reenacting.

Smoke and Fire Suppliers of civilian clothing, etc.

Tent smiths Makers of high quality tents. H.M. 10th Regiment of Foot uses Tentsmith's tents in regimental use.

Miscellaneous Links

Colonial Radio Theatre The Colonial Radio Theatre is a company that makes tapes that are meant to explain historical events. They are informative and fun to listen to. The writer and main actor in these are Capt. Jerry Robbins of H.M. 10th Regt. Of Foot. There is an online order form and some snips of radio shows online.

Don Troiani Don Troiani is an artist who portrays military renditionings. He commonly covers the Civil War, however he has done works of American Revolution, The French and Indian War, and The War of 1812. He also has a large museum/ private collection of military goods (e.g. uniforms, equipment, etc.) that he uses to illuminate his works correctly.

Uniforms of the American Revolution. Military prints of the American Revolution by Charles M. Lefferts.

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