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Join His Majesty's Tenth Regiment of Foot

    Place yourself back in time. Place yourself 228 years ago. You are marching through a quaint village. Small shops, a church and a few houses dot the landscape around you. You know neither the name of the town or where you are going. Shots are fired to the right and left of you. A horse scrambles by on an unseen road. The moon is the only thing guiding your way. The drum cadence echoes in your ears. Your body is frozen to the waist with murky water. You continue to march for what seems like hours.  Suddenly the drum cadence is cut short. Your mounted officers are talking amongst each other as a horse gallops towards you. Your Captains calmly tell you to prime and load your musket. The sun is peaking the horizon, just enough to light the path. You continue down the road in a tight column until you see a green in front of you. On it is a hundred or so militia men, armed and in opposition to you. Captain Parsons yells at you yo extend to the right. You smartly follow orders. In the brief moments that follow you look at the rag tag militia in day to day clothing and then you look down the line. You see your best friend in a smart scarlet coat with yellow cuffs, lapel, and collar. He has a black leather cap crowning his head. His musket gleams in the morning light and his light sparkles like the oceans water at sunset. His small clothes are spotless and white and his shoes are polished beautifully. You realize that you are fighting for the most magnificent armed force to ever march on this planet. From behind you in the yellow house a shot is fired, the man to the left of you falls to the ground, shot in the leg, and Major Pitcairns horse bolts after being shot twice from what you can tell. The officers tell you not to fire, but everyone around you does. You run forward and fight savagely, you worry this will be you last day. You hear the drum and it automatically calls you back into line. Your sergeants give you a tongue lashing but you know they can't be angry, you took the field and stopped the rebellion. You march on down the road.
     This is what the reenactment of Lexington Green is like. I have been a member of the Tenth Regiment of Foot for two year. I have done the skirmish at Lexington Green twice, both times at the moment it occurred. I will honestly say that I get choked up every time I "perform" at this reenactment. It is a life experience recreating what went on at the green 228 years ago. It is heartwarming.
    Reenactors are rare in this country, probably only 100,000 partake in reenacting seriously. However reenacting has much to offer. Brotherhood, feeling in one with history, teaching others, a unique experience living history today, traveling to historical sites in the country and occasionally outside, and best of All... A tax break. The Tenth offers you All of this, it also offers you the chance to be the enemy, it gives you the chance to learn American history throughout the enemies eyes. You parade with one of the original British reenactment groups in America, and the only one actually sponsored by the real Tenth Regiment of Foot or the entire British military for that matter. So take a chance and come to a drill of H.M. Tenth Regiment of Foot.

You may sign up for one of Our four companies Battalion, The Grenadiers, The Light Infantry, or the music. To get in contact with someone from the regiment e-mail  Major O'Shaugnessy, Captain Amsterdam, or me, the webmaster.