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    The typical British Regiment consisted of eight Battalion companies or hat companies. These "hatmen" as they were called, were the most recognizable soldiers in peoples minds today. They were your standard soldier. Not quite the brightest person on the field. Average skill in the British Army with a musket. But looked professional nonetheless. With the black "cocked" hat , laced white. The red coat. The white cross belts. The hair dressed neatly. The precision of drill. The two hours it took to prepare to go on parade. The musket used was the notoriously inaccurate Brown Bess. The musket was not a prescion instrument. It was meant to screen the enemy with fire and pretty much knock the enemy out of commission. Each Battalion company was supposed to have 1 Captain,  although some were under the command of the Colonel, lieutenant Colonel, and Major, each company had 2 lieutenants, 2 sergeants, 3 Corporals, 38 privates, and one Drummer. These companies were almost never filled completely because the Grenadiers and Light Infantry took the cream of the crop from them, plagued by sickness and death, and battle casualties. If you want to join the Battalion please contact Paul O'Shaugnessy at mailto:frommage  or Sergeant-Major Desmond at

The Battalion under the command of Sergeant-Major Desmond prepare for skirmish on Lexington Green, 2001

From Left to right, H.M. 10th Regiment Grenadiers, H.M. 10th Regiment of Foot Light Infantry, H.M. 10th Regiment Battalion Company, Brigaded music, H.M. 5th Regiment of Foot, and First Regiment of Foot Guards.

The Battalion Company marches off to the Battle of Bennington

This is the uniform of the battalion company. They are nicknamed "hatmen". In the 10th Regiment there were a total of ten companies. Eight of these companies would be referred to as the Battalion companies. The uniform is a battalion hat ( tricorn fashion) the scarlet coat without any forms of shoulder wings, and the short gaiters particular to both the light infantry and the battalion companies. Other than that it is the same as the grenadiers uniform.
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