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Bennington 2001

Fifers fall in line for a tactical at the Bennington 2001 reenactment.

Fifers marching closely behind the Grenadiers when marching into battle.

Fifers play a piece for the residence at the Bennington Veterans Home.

The Tenth and independent companies march off  to  The Girl I Left Behind Me on the second days engagement.

The 10th music was dismissed to fall in with their  respective companies for the Battle of Bennington.

The Music Company assembled to the rear of the regiment to stay out of the fire fight.

The Music Company looks on in anger as their kin fall victim to the rebels.

Artillery fire decimates the music company while fellow fifers mourn their fallen brothers

The fifers give a final prayer for their brothers souls

The 10th Regiment marches off the field beaten and ashamed but will fight again and be triumphant.

Wake-up. At 7:00 we played Reville to tell everyone to be out of bed or face the consequences.