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Colour Ceremony.

The Colour Ceremony is traditionally commenced before the major public battle at a reenactment. Its function then, durign the American Revolution, and now is to parade the colours before the troops. It is customary to do this because the King's Colour (Union Jack with out the red bar in the field of white) is the representation of the King during times of  Foreign Wars. Therefore, it is a sign of respect. The Colour Ceremony usually involves the men coming to Present. The Colours, a detachement of music and a Guard of Grenadiers wil slow march past the army. This is actually the presentation of the colours, there is more preceding the colours passing and also some ceremonies folowing.
This is the Brigade of Guards. An amalgamtion of the Northern and Southern Guard units and the fourth company of guards.

This is the remandier of the Union Brigade. From left it is The Royal Welch Fuzilers, The 42nd Highlanders, and the 71st Highlanders.

Before Going into Battle

This is the massed music of the British Brigade, commanded by Drum Major Thomas Reinahrt, @3rd Royal Welch Fuzlilers

The Tenth Grenadiers (Commanded by Sergant Shane Clarke)

This is the British Column. If you would look about three inches exactly left of the barn to the foreground you will notice the proportions of the men. The column of red looked magnificent in the dull sky.